Seminar – Gökhan Elçi, PhD

iBG Friday Seminars

  Ş. Gökhan ELÇİ, PhD
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

 Gold Nanoparticle Biodistributions and Stability in vivo from Mass Spectrometric Imaging

 Date: August 04, 2017
Time: 11:00
Venue: Dokuz Eylul University iBG-izmir
Aziz Sancar Auditorium Inciraltı, IZMIR

 Gökhan Elçi

About the speaker

Dr. Elçi is a chemist working primarly in the field of biosensing and bioimaging. After his first year at university, he went to Germany to work as a scientist in Münster University in Jan Andersson’s lab on environmental analysis. Before his graduation, he also conducted his internship at UMass Amherst in Vincent Rotello’s lab on the subject of biosensing. He, then, graduated from I.Y.T.E with bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Within same year of his graduation, he got accepted to PhD program in Chemistry at UMass Amherst.
He published 14 papers in peer-reviewed journals and a book chapter during his PhD with the addition of a paper out of his PhD studies from his visit to Germany. His papers are cited for 150 times and currently, he has an h-index of 7 in Web of Science and 8 in Google Scholar.

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