• Whole Exome Sequencing Service (WES, 80x, €1000/sample)
  • Exome Data Analysis Service (€400)
  • Large Genome Organism Whole Genome Sequencing Service (WGS, 30x, €1300/sample)
  • WGS Data Analysis Service (€560/analysis)
  • Bioanalyzer – RNA6000 Nano Assay Service (12s / 1chip) (€125/chip)
  • ChIP-Seq Service (€250/sample)
  • Transcriptome Sequencing (RNA-seq, mRNA 30 million readings/sample, €500/sample)
  • Short RNA Sequencing Service (€450/sample)
  • Short RNA Mapping and Expression Analysis Service (€250/analysis)
  • Novel Isoform and Transcript Analysis Service (€400/analysis)
  • Alternative Isoform Usage Analysis Service (€250/analysis)
  • Co-Expression Gene Networks Analysis Service (€300/ analysis)

* Prices do not include VAT.
Discount Rates Applied to Analysis Rates Depend on Applicant Institution:
Public Institutions and Organizations 30%
Dokuz Eylül University % 50
iBG-Izmir % 70